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Nomos London Our Nomos London event, hosted in the heart of the city of London. featured speakers Millennial Woes, Academic agent and Panama Hat. Nomos Birmingham Our Nomos event in Birmingham, hosted at the IBIS Birmingham New Street, featuring our hand picked speakers S.D. Wickett, Alexander Adams & Panama Hat. Nomos Manchester Our Nomos event… Continue reading Events – Nomos Events

About Nomos

Nomos Events is dedicated to organising social gatherings, vital networking and informative discussions centred around culture, politics, economics and law outside the purview of mainstream discourse. Nomos (plural:nomoi) is a habit or custom of social and political behaviour that is socially constructed and historically specific. It refers not only to explicit laws but to all of the… Continue reading About Nomos

Speaker Spotlights: S.D. Wickett & Panama Hat – Nomos Events

Here we have our final two speaker interviews for Nomos Birmingham: S.D. Wickett is the digital editor at Bournbrook Magazine; where he hosts the ‘Our Current Predicament’ and ‘Your Life in 10’ podcasts and co-hosts Bournbrook’s Week in Review, as well as produce video essays. He is also an amateur poet and novelist. Benjamin Afer… Continue reading Speaker Spotlights: S.D. Wickett & Panama Hat – Nomos Events

Speakers & Theme – Nomos Birmingham – Nomos Events

For our first event in Manchester, we centred it around the idea of community & localism—trying to build an interconnected group with shared ideas & goals from scratch. As a starting point it was very fitting, so for our upcoming event in Birmingham we will ne theming it around the idea of “The Vanguard,” the… Continue reading Speakers & Theme – Nomos Birmingham – Nomos Events

Nomos Manchester: Speaker Announcements – Nomos Events

We’re pleased to announce the speakers for our October 23rd event, thanks to everyone who sent in an entry Our MC for the night will be the Madlad himself Count Dankula, so lock up your pugs and prepare for a spicy evening. The first community speaker we have is Ludwig von Lammy, speaking about: “How the high rise building & slavish devotion to the car destroys… Continue reading Nomos Manchester: Speaker Announcements – Nomos Events

Updates – Nomos Events

For our 23rd of October event in Manchester the themes will be community and localism, we will be looking to discuss small scale networking within people’s cities, towns, villages and homes. There has always been a need for those who are concerned with the state of their local communities to converge and discuss what they…… Continue reading Updates – Nomos Events