Nomos Birmingham, Venue & Event Details – Nomos Events

Since we’re almost a month away from the event, and we still have quite a few tickets left, I thought I’d give people the full details of the event so they can better prepare.

The main event will be held at the IBIS Birmingham Central New Street starting at 6pm and featuring our already announced speakers. We will be using their James Watt Suite for the speeches from 6pm until 10pm, then we will have use of the hotel bar afterward until it closes around 12am.

Full catering will be on offer, featuring a three course hot buffet, served around 8pm.


I’ve had some questions about the ticket price of the event so i’ll give a breakdown of where that money goes: Eventbrite takes an automatic cut of £3.71 as a booking fee., so the £40 we receive will be used as follows: £20 per head is being spent on the three course hot buffet, £250 is being spent securing the room hire and £550 has been allocated for reimbursing organisers and speakers for sleeping arrangements. So in total £2800 needs to be paid before the 12th of March, which means we have to sell 70 of the 90 tickets to break even. We are hoping to have some printed materials also at the event, but this would come out of any ticket sales over and above the 70 needed to break even. As you can see it takes a large initial outlay to secure function rooms as they have set minimum spend amounts, so as with the last event we will likely just about break even overall.

For people who want to also attend on Friday, all of our Early Bird tickets have unfortunately sold out, but there will also be a Basket Weavers gathering in Friday the 25th. Basket Weavers is a group based around localism, community and learning new skills . You can join our discord for more information, and we can put you in contact with the group that will be around on Friday.

We hope to see you there.