Speakers & Theme – Nomos Birmingham – Nomos Events

For our first event in Manchester, we centred it around the idea of community & localism—trying to build an interconnected group with shared ideas & goals from scratch. As a starting point it was very fitting, so for our upcoming event in Birmingham we will ne theming it around the idea of “The Vanguard,” the group of people who lead the way. Those at the tip of the spear. Once we have become a community, how do we then develop and grow? From that community, leaders in all walks of life must emerge to enact & exemplify change. Now that we have stepped into the real world, we must find ways to make our mark upon it.

In that spirit, we are pleased to announce our three main speakers for Nomos Birmingham:

Alexander Adams: Artist, poet and widely published art critic.

Panama Hat: Spiritual traditionalist, Poet & YouTube commentator.

S.D. Wicket: Editor of Bournbrook Magazine & host of “Our Current Predicament”

And of course Nomos organisers Evelyn & Scrumpmonkey will be speaking on the same topic. There will also be a quick primer by Yasin of the Basket Weaving group about their organising of local gatherings. We also have our not-so-secret MC, who we will announce properly at a later date.

We will have full speaker profiles and speaker interviews in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has bought tickets already and we hope to see you there!