Nomos Manchester: Theme and Speaker Selection – Nomos Events

For our 23rd of October event in Manchester the themes will be community and localism, we will be looking to discuss small scale networking within people’s cities, towns, villages and homes.

There has always been a need for those who are concerned with the state of their local communities to converge and discuss what they find to be effective in their own areas, the last eighteen months have only emphasised this need.

We will be selecting four speakers to give us their views and ideas related to this theme, and how you can affect change within your every day life.

Talks will be chosen from a selection of essays, which will be; 1500-2000 words (roughly a 10 to 15 minute talk), talks can vary in content and context as long as they meet the general spirit of the event.

Submissions will be open from today until the Sunday the 19th of September and speakers will be announced on Saturday the 25th of September. Chosen speakers will be given a free ticket or have their existing ticket reimbursed and be invited to attend a dinner on Friday the 22nd of October.

All entrants, successful or otherwise, will retain full rights to their submissions and any further use will be at their discretion. Submissions should be in a .docx .rtf or .odt file format.

Please send all submissions, along with any questions, to: